This website has been created to give fellow Vincent enthusiasts access to quality Vincent parts at reasonable prices. It is NOT driven by profit or politics just a simple desire to help fellow enthusiasts. The homepage link takes you to a SECURE ecommerce website.


Specialising in parts which are difficult to obtain, made on original tooling, expensive elsewhere, previously poor quality, obscure, New Old Stock (NOS), poor quality elsewhere, inaccurate copies elsewhere, etc.. 

Generic parts fitted to other machines eg tyres, tubes, batteries etc., are not stocked - they are already widely available. 


The online shop shows current availability, but stock changes quickly and there is very limited stock of some parts. Soaring Vincent spare parts prices elsewhere and decreasing parts availability = buying bargain priced/rare parts for the shelf has never made more sense!


Securely online from the webshop - click on the Vincent Black Shadow photo on the Homepage.

Credit/debit card payment can be made via PayPal WITHOUT needing a paypal account - PayPal just process your credit card payment. Sorry but Credit or Debit cards cannot be taken over the phone. It is possible to purchase items as a guest rather than fully register. Any problems/questions please email or phone me.

From 2021 BREXIT has brought all kinds of issues. Freepost and VAT free only applies to the UK. Any import duties or taxes are the purchasers responsibility. If you are outside the UK and need a postage quote, please email me.

If the site shows its in a "maintenance mode" then items cannot be dispatched at that time but the webshop will reopen soon. 


The aim is to dispatch items as quickly as possible via Royal Mail for smaller items, and courier for the larger ones (usually UPS). I am not a competitor to Amazon; simply an individual selling parts to help out fellow enthusiasts - with family commitments, holidays, a dog to feed etc.,


All prices for purchasers within the UK include FREE delivery and NO VAT (turnover is below VAT threshold). I will happily post overseas at cost price, but any import duties and VAT are the purchasers responsibility.

No expensive wages to pay, negligible overheads, no expensive premises, no "volunteers" on expenses,operating as an efficient sole trader etc.,  parts are available at a very competitive price. The approach has been to put what little profit there is into future Vincent Parts projects.


Being a sole trader, rather than merely a company employee, there is a genuine vested interest in quality.

Many items are made to the original factory drawings rather than drawings produced from a "reverse engineering" exercise. Systematically CNC machining parts from solid billet is hardly appropriate for a machine last made in 1955!! Vincents had some beautiful castings for the hubs, drums etc.,  

Parts not made in house are often collected in person, involving "inspection and selection" etc., There is no pressure (from shareholders, a chairman, club members or anyone) to stock everything for a Vincent - parts of known poor quality etc. are simply avoided.


The Stafford Classic Bike Shows in July 2021, stall AJ123 in the Main Hall. The VOC Annual Rally.
The eBay Shop VINCENTPARTS has been operating for several years but unfortunately the ebay related fees for businesses are high. This results in only a small sample of stock being listed on Ebay and the savings can be passed on via this website.


After completing a 4 year Mechanical & Production Engineering apprenticeship with the Ministry of Defence, Andy had a career with the MoD of over 3 decades, becoming a Nuclear qualified engineer along the way.

Having been involved with Vincents since a teenager, Andy became self employed as a sole trader on retirement from full time employment.


Although once very heavily involved in the VOC (Shipping a 40foot ISO container full of Vincents to NZ for the 1995 International etc.,) involvement in the VOC since the new millenium has greatly reduced for various reasons.

The Vincent Owners Club Spares Company was established in 1975 to be quite separate from the Owners Club but with the VOC as the majority shareholder. There is currently a situation where the VOC and Spares Company are inseparable and almost indistinguishable. The VOC forum is a mouthpiece for the Spares Company, and the VOC Spares Liaison Officer acts as the Spares Company head of publicity rather than acting in the interest of the VOC membership.

My posts on the VOC forum, which mention the service I offer to fellow enthusiasts, are deleted and my letters to MPH censored. 

In the VOC journal MPH, "25 years on" is edited by the VOC Spares Company secretary who has used MPH as a means of writing negative things about me in order to undermine my credibility. I was on the front cover of MPH in 1994 for winning at a race meeting, but 25 years later Tim Kingham undertook a smear campaign, stating that I didnt finish, had an unreliable machine and other untruths. Tim refused to apologise via MPH.

To make matters worse, MPH editor, Graham Smith refused to publish my correction in full, instead publishing "we can forgive Tim...." somewhat opening the floodgates to further dreadful behaviour from certain quarters.

Graham Smith later contacted me to inform me he would not accept my classified adverts in MPH as I was considered a trader, whilst at exactly the same time the VOCSC removed my trade discount!!!

I could continue but I find the whole situation quite upsetting. If I publish on the VOC Forum it is likely to get deleted, and the current editor wont even publish my letters in full when submitted to MPH.

A shameful situation in my view, particularly as members of the Executive Committee have been well aware of the situation and have taken no effective action, including a previous chairperson.

The VOC is no longer the great club it once was, sadly. Many people enquire at my stall at Stafford, founders day etc., if I am still a member after all the nonsense which has been going on behind the scenes. After more than 40 years of membership I still renew because I am an eternal optimist that things will change for the better one day.

There are other long standing members who have not renewed over the last couple of years.


Poppy, the Havanese dog, loves riding in the tank bag of a heavily modified 52 Rapide "Vindaloo"* but she doesn't eat food intended for humans - the fish and chips were quite safe in the photo below;

vincent motorcycle with poppy dog

* Named "Vindaloo" by another long standing VOC member - after getting the non-matching number Rapide home it turned out to be in a sorry state. The first ride had the same effect on the digestive system as having a Vindaloo curry! The machine has been known as Vindaloo for well over 30 years and has been ridden in many countries, as far apart as New Zealand & Scotland!

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